Using Tesco Media to help grow
more visits from customers

Increase Frequency of Purchase

Incentivise your existing customers to buy your product more frequently, by providing timely offers for continued and increased purchase

By understanding how frequently customers would normally shop in a category versus your brand, we can help to identify those customers who have the headroom to purchase your product more frequently. By bringing your brand front of mind in store, we can assist these customers with their choice of product at the most relevant time; when they are in a purchasing mindset.

Using customer insight, we can also provide these customers with a timely offer for the products they buy to incentivise a more frequnt purchase than normal, which coupled with the branding communication in store will help to confirm their choice. Setting up an on going personalised media campaign can help to shorten the buying cycle of your product over a prolonged period of time, and drive customers to make more frequent purchases of your brand over competitors. 

Campaign recommendations

Use a mix of media below; depending on whether you need to communicate a branding message to your customers as well as giving customers a personalised offer

Store targeted media

Branding message

  • Petrol nozzles
  • Baskets
  • Trolleys
  • Floor graphics

Personalised media

Personalised offer only

  • Clubcard Bonus
  • Clubcard Statement
  • Loyal Customer Mailing

Retain and Grow

Your loyal customers are your most valuable. Provide a follow up personalised offer to purchasers of your product to ensure that the new customers remain frequent buyers of your brand:

  • Clubcard Statement
  • Loyal Customer Mailing
  • Clubcard Bonus

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